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Meet Michele

Financial Planning Consultant and Counselor

Seventeen years ago, I created a company that offered full-service credit repair, foreclosure prevention and budget counseling services. It was during this time that I designed the programs that I still use today with my clients. I am passionate about helping people stay in their homes, counseling them on how to live within a realistic budget, and helping them repair their
credit. My work is very rewarding.


Thirteen years ago, with foreclosures at an all-time high across the nation during the 2008 financial housing crisis, I opened M&M Foreclosure Prevention Services to assist homeowners in navigating the loan modification process with their mortgage companies, create firm financial plans and re-establish their credit. With my program, I predetermine what my clients qualify for to ensure successful negotiations with their mortgage company and creditors. Until the laws can govern the lending industry in a way to protect the consumer, I am dedicated to protecting and educating homeowners and consumers.

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